ARTIST Pat Murdoch

Patricia currently lives in the Hillcrest area. However she grew up on a farm and this has provided an inspiration for her paintings. Early in her career, Patricia worked as a graphic artist and an art teacher. She is now a full time professional artist.

Pat is largely self-taught, and has been painting for about 26 years. Pat’s medium of choice is oil, however she also paints in watercolours and acrylics. Like so many well known artists, painting and sketching have always played an important role Patricia’s life. In 2003, one of Pat’s paintings was featured on the cover of “The Australian Artist” magazine.

Blue Hydrangeas, Acrylic

Description: TBA


Description: Acrylic

Tall Aloe

Description: Acrylic


Description: Acrylic

Aloe and Strelitzia


Description: Acrylic